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Discover how Springboard Solutions can transform your donor interactions and revenue growth. In our 5-minute on-demand video, we'll showcase how our platform empowers you to implement effective upselling, upgrade strategies, and cultivate richer donor communications.
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Springboard powers creative, flexible engagement forms, enables personalized communications with your supporters, and collects extensive, insightful supporter data to help you advance your mission.

spring_icon-2 Marketing

Provide an authentic donor experience using customized engagement forms and targeted communications across marketing, fundraising and advocacy efforts.

spring_icon-2 Fundraising

Offer supporters multiple ways to donate and maximize sustainer giving, donor engagement, and payment flexibility with personalized requests and donor portal solutions.

spring_icon-2 Advocacy

Focus on impact, analytics, and innovation for policy change. Catalyze action through creative social campaigns and expand your reach with custom targeting.

spring_icon-2 Peer-to-Peer

Empower supporters to fundraise for your cause through easily configurable websites, landing pages and donation forms.

spring_icon-2 Analytics

Leverage data through source code tracking and custom tags across fundraising campaigns to better understand donor behavior and habits.

spring_icon-2 Integrations

Connect Springboard with software systems to create a customized technology “powerhouse” to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

The combination of Springboard's features and flexibility, Salesforce as an interoperable CRM, and integration with commercial-grade marketing automation tools gives you a complete fundraising and engagement solution.